2022 XXL Freshman Cyphers Ranked (Worst To Best)

2022 XXL Freshman Cypher with Nardo Wick, Big30, Big Scarr and KenTheMan, XXL Freshman 2022 Freestyle Reaction Ranking.

In this video I'll rank the 2022 XXL Freshman Cypher Freestyles from worst to best.

2022 XXL Freshman Class
Welcome 10th spot winner BabyTron, Cochise, Saucy Santana, Babyface Ray, KenTheMan, SoFaygo, Big Scarr, Big30, KayCyy, Doechii, Kali and Nardo Wick.

Watch the 2022 XXL Freshman cypher featuring Nardo Wick, Big30, Big Scarr and KenTheMan: https://youtu.be/YEj8byvaxWc

Watch the 2022 XXL Freshman cypher featuring Doechii, SoFaygo, KayCyy and Saucy Santana: https://youtu.be/ylbMIJA_4ls

Watch the 2022 XXL Freshman cypher featuring Kali, Cochise, Babyface Ray and BabyTron: https://youtu.be/LQ6m3fuv0Qk

If there’s one thing hip-hop continues to do throughout its nearly 50 years of existence it’s evolve. Though inspiration can been seen and heard across decades, nothing has truly been the same from the genre’s music to the artists over the years. Part of hip-hop’s most exciting evolution comes in the form of the rising newcomers that enter the game every year. It’s why XXL Freshman, which kicked off in 2007, was created in the first place. The annual dedication to the new crop of hip-hop talent celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Now, it’s time for the 2022 XXL Freshman Class to make its mark.

Before XXL’s staff selected the members of this year’s class, there were daily meetings with nearly 100 of the best and brightest rap neophytes. Witnessing an artist’s impact, listening to new music, keeping note of plans for the year, plus Zoom and in-person conversations that launched in January and came to an end in April helped the team narrow down the choices. While it’s never an easy process, this year, 12 artists were given the title of Freshman.

The 2022 XXL Freshman Class is breaking the mold. They refuse to conform to the norm, and pride themselves on creating a fresh sound in hip-hop. Like the classes that came before them, these newly inducted rappers are aiming for superstardom.

Over the past month, XXL released freestyles, cyphers, interviews and more with each Freshman. Multiplatinum-selling producer Wheezy Outta Here created the beats for this year’s much-anticipated cyphers.

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