Darrell Medellin performs "Lemonade Freestyle Remix" LIVE on the Wish USA Bus

Darrell Medellin performs "Lemonade Freestyle Remix" live on the Wish USA Bus! This track showcases his journey from Cebu to California, blending clever wordplay with themes of resilience and cultural pride.

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Wish USA is an innovative moving music platform based in Los Angeles, California. Like its Philippines counterpart, the Wish 107.5 FM radio station, it strives to be a gateway wherein various musical talents can perform and showcase their music to the world. With the Wish USA Bus, people can now see their favorite artists perform live in an environment open to all.

Launched with the Wish USA Bus, the platform is a much-loved musical experience that advocates supporting talented musicians from different genres. From Wish 107.5 to Wish USA, Wish has transformed itself from being a music station on wheels to a sought-after musical platform.

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