2Pac Vs. Dr. Dre - Beef Analysis [Why Dre Left Death Row]

EMINEM Houdini, 2Pac California Love, 2Pac & Dr. Dre Beef Explained (The Reason Why Dr. Dre Left Death Row), 2Pac diss Dr. Dre (Kendrick Lamar Not Like Us Diss)

0:00 - Intro
1:33 - 2Pac's side (Background info until early 1995)
2Pac wanted to sign to EAZY-E's Ruthless Records but later in 1993 got in touch with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg & Suge Knight who wanted to sign him to Death Row. Dr. Dre sabotaged 2Pac's album "Thug Style" & stole ideas from 2Pac for Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle Album, so 2Pac scrapped the album & instead worked on Thug Life & Me Against The World. He didn't want to sign to Death Row anymore but kept working with them & kept sending them songs for the movie soundtracks for Above The Rim & Murder Was The Case. The Quad Studio shooting happens & 2Pac goes to Prison.
39:20 - Dr. Dre's side (Background info until early 1995)
Dr. Dre & his fiance Michel'le had problems during their relationship with Dre cheating on Michel'le & him being addicted to Alcohol. Michel'le cheated on Dr. Dre with Suge Knight behind his back. Dr. Dre goes to Jail for 5 months & starts a relationship with his now ex-wife Nicole. After coming out of jail he noticed that Suge Knight took full control of Death Row & started signing people. Dre gets annoyed with Suge & him trying to take over.
56:28 - Late 1995: 2Pac gets signed to Death Row during the east coast west coast conflict & records All Eyez On Me
Dr. Dre didn't want 2Pac on Death Row. 2Pac records his album All Eyez On Me but Dre wasn't there to produce for him until November 2nd when they recorded Can't C Me which was a Dogg Pound track. On November 4th they record California Love. A couple days later they film the music video & 2Pac tells people that he doesn't like Dre because he takes credit for work that he didn't do. 2Pac find out that Dre took credit for Got My Mind Made Up & the California Love Remix, he also wants credit for Hit 'Em Up. Dr. Dre doesn't come to Snoop Dogg's court hearings during his trial. 2Pac gets into an altercation with Dr. Dre's ghostwriter J-Flexx. Snoop Dogg & Tha Dogg Pound get shot at in New York. During the Death Row Christmas Party 2Pac, Suge & Dre get into an alrercation with Mark Anthony Bell. Michel'le goes to Betty Ford Center (Rehab).
2:07:42 - Early 1996: Dr. Dre leaves Death Row
Dr. Dre gets engaged to Nicole while Michel'le is in rehab, Dr. Dre & Michel'le break up which makes her tell Suge about Dre wanting to leave the label. Dr. Dre gets tired of gangster rap & wants to start fresh
2Pac's All Eyez On Me Album gets released. 2Pac & Dr. Dre get into an argument before their Saturday Night Live (SNL) performance. Dre gets in touch with Jimmy Iovine to start his new label Aftermath. During Snoop Dogg's acquittal party, 2Pac gets into an altercation with Sam Sneed before goint to Monte's Steak House. Michel'le spreads rumors about Dr. Dre having a relationship with his best friend Bruce Williams. Suge Knight gets the masters from Dr. Dre's house.
3:14:10 - Spring 1996: The friction between 2Pac & Dr. Dre turns into a beef
2Pac makes his disappointment in Dre public during an interview with Sway. Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley & Black Street work on No Diggity but Suge Knight & 2Pac steal the beat & release Toss It Up before them. Jimmy Iovine issues a cease & desist letter which takes Toss It Up off the radio. 2Pac works on the One Nation album but then Dr. Dre disses 2Pac in the Source Magazine (July 1996). Dr. Dre & Nas diss 2Pac on the song Nas Is Coming claiming that 2Pac stole the beats of No Diggity & Nas' Street Dreams.
3:54:53 - Summer 1996: 2Pac releases multiple diss tracks against Dr. Dre
2Pac records the Makaveli The Don Killuminati album & disses Dr. Dre & Nas on the songs Friendz, Against All Odds, To Live & Die In L.A, Watch Ya Mouth, War Gamez & Toss It Up. Dr. Dre disses Michel'le on Been There Done That & Dre disses 2Pac on East Coast/West Coast Killaz. They shoot the music video to Toss It Up.
4:37:51 - Late 1996: 2Pac gets shot & killed in Las Vegas, Suge continues the beef
Dr. Dre visits 2Pac in the hospital. Suge Knight makes Dre's ghostwriter J-Flexx release a Dr. Dre diss track called Who Been There, Who Done That. The Makaveli album comes out.
4:46:53 - Dr. Dre builds up his label Aftermath, disses 2Pac on The Watcher, continues the beef with Suge Knight but does 2Pac tribues later on
Dr. Dre signs EMINEM
5:6:24 - Final Thoughts
5:7:39 - Outro

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