2Pac Vs. Ice Cube - Beef Analysis [King Of The West Coast]

2Pac & Ice Cube Disses & Beef, Bow Down Vs. Hit 'Em Up, Diddy & Keefe D

One of the most unknown issues in the hip-hop world, had been the static 2Pac had with Ice Cube. Pac Felt Ice Cube was biting His Style with West Coast Buzz But Had Miscommunication. There was friction before 2Pac signed to Death Row due to Ice Cube sabotaging 2Pac's song Dear Mama & Pac taking Ice Cube's role for Poetic Justice. After his release from prison, Makaveli left New York and formed a business partnership with Suge Knight and his friends at Death Row. 2Pac was ready to take aim at Common from a lyrical perspective during Ice Cube’s beef with the Chicago rapper in the mid 1990s, according to Outlawz member Napoleon.

“I remember when the East Coast-West Coast thing was heating up, I think Common and Cube was going through their beef, like they were dissing each other,” Napoleon said. “I remember ‘Pac was like, ‘See, if I was cool with Cube right now, I’d be going after Common for him, but now I’m staying out of it.'”

He continued: “‘Pac had a lot of love for Cube. I never heard him say anything negative about him. I think at one particular time they were closer, and maybe they just went their separate ways. But that’s the only thing I heard him say about Cube, but he definitely respected Cube.”

Ice Cube dissed Common on the 1995 Mack 10 track “Westside Slaughterhouse” in response to his classic ode to Hip Hop, “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” which he felt was a slight against West Coast rappers and their growing dominance in the industry.

Out of 2pac’s own words, he felt Ice Cube was clout chasing the west coast aggressive content, with telling out of towners to bow down. This was evident, when it was brought to our attention that he planned to unleash multiple diss tracks at Cube after making peace with Nas and others in the five boroughs. Unfortunately, it may have seemed that way and 2pac was completely correct; but Ice Cube was quietly repping the west lifestyle on the forefront after completing a slew of Hollywood films.

Ice Cube: Tupac Needed Help On Classic Diss Record "Hit 'Em Up" & says that "No Vaseline" is better

Cube spoke about a list of the “most unforgettable diss tracks in Hip Hop history”, in which Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” took the pole position and his epic “No Vaseline” track aimed at N.W.A. was placed at a modest third.

0:00 - Intro
0:48 - Background: 2Pac met Ice Cube in 1990 & they became friends
4:00 - 2Pac meets Ice Cube's artist Yo-Yo & becomes her boyfriend
5:21 - 2Pac & Ice Cube in the movie Poetic Justice, Ice Cube calls 2Pac a sucker
10:52 - 2Pac, Ice Cube & Ice-T record the song Last Wordz & Pac breaks up with Yo-Yo
12:18 - 2Pac & Ice Cube beef over the song Dear Mama, 2Pac thinks he turned Yo-Yo against her
18:26 - 2Pac appears in the music video for Dr. Dre & Ice Cube's Natural Born Killaz
20:26 - 2Pac gets shot 5 times, goes to prison, gets bailed out, signed to Death Row & joins the East Coast/West Coast beef
21:24 - 2Pac wanted to diss Common for Ice Cube & Westside Connection
23:36 - 2Pac & Ice Cube become rivals & don't want to work together
30:55 - 2Pac loses respect for Dr. Dre & Ice Cube (the older generation & the people he looked up to)
31:34 - 2Pac and Ice Cube accuse eachother of biting (dissing the east coast, the bandana, the W hand sign, the term westside, 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted & Can't C Me)
40:14 - Ice Cube & the Westside Connection release the song "Bow Down" dissing 2Pac in the video after he dropped Hit 'Em Up, Pac has a problem with Cube calling himself the West Coast Don
56:15 - 2Pac dies but was planning to diss Ice Cube on the Makaveli The Don Killuminati album & on additional disstracks, 2Pac's group Outlawz continued the beef
58:44 - Ice Cube says that 2Pac went too far on Hit Em Up & then steals 2Pac's adlib "Yay-Yay"
01:00:19 - Napoleon from the Outlawz confronts Ice Cube in the studio about dissing 2Pac & Ice Cube subliminally disses 2Pac again on the album "War & Peace, Volume 2" on the songs Waitin Ta Hate, You Ain't Gotta Lie Ta Kick It, You Can Do It & Let It Reign
01:06:26 - Ice Cube looks down on 2Pac, doesn't include him in his Top 15 & gets mad because people rank Hit Em Up above No Vaseline
01:09:04 - Final words
01:09:40 - Outro

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