The Reason Why Diddy & Keefe D Killed 2Pac [Orlando Or Deandre?]

Tupac Murder: Keefe D, Puff Daddy, Orlando Anderson, Deandre Smith, Suge Knight & Von Zip, 2Pac's Killer Keefe D, Why was 2Pac killed & who shot him? (South Side Crips Vs. Mob Piru Bloods)

0:00 - Intro: Who Shot & Killed 2Pac in Las Vegas in 1996?
03:30 - History between Keefe D & Suge Knight (friendship)
07:06 - Keefe D's beef with Death Row, Suge Knight & the Mob Piru because of EAZY-E, EAZY-E wants to kill Suge & Keefe D protects EAZY-E
13:58 - How Keefe D met Puff Daddy & Keefe D's Relationship with Diddy & Von Zip
15:52: Suge Knight & Diddy's friendship & beef, Notorious BIG, Source Awards 1995
21:00 - Puff Daddy gets protection from Keefe D's South Side Crip against Suge Knight's Mob Piru (with Von Zip's help)
31:43 - Diddy's bodyguard Wolf/Jason shoots Suge Knight's Friend Big Jake at Jermaine Dupri's Birthday Party at the Platinum City Club in Atlanta (Gene Deal)
42:16 - Suge Knight signs 2Pac to Death Row Records & 2Pac is released from Prison, 2Pac's beef with Puffy & Biggie
46:24 - 2Pac sleeps with Faith Evans (Wife of the Notorious BIG) & Suge Knight sleeps with Diddy's baby mother Misa Hylton
50:19 - Keefe D & the South Side Crips approach & attack 2Pac at the House Of Blues because of Califonia Love lyrics, Big Syke helps him
54:14 - 2Pac joins Suge Knight's Mob Piru & becomes part of the beef with the Crips
58:40 - Suge Knight tries to find Diddy's address & makes Mark Bell drink about 20 shots of piss at a Death Row Christmas Party in 1995
01:08:28 - Biggie & Puffy send people to shoot Snoop Dogg & Tha Dogg Pound at the NY, NY video shoot in New York
01:14:21 - Suge Knight meets Keefe D at the Mike Tyson Frank Bruno boxing match with 2Pac
01:15:01 - 2Pac & Suge approached Puffy & Biggie at the Soul Train Awards in 1996, Keefe D was there too
01:21:02 - Diddy becomes paranoid & says 2Pac, Biggie & Suge Knight got to die
01:22:28 - 2Pac releases 2 Of Amerikaz most wanted shooting & killing The Notorious BIG & Diddy
01:24:46 - 2Pac releases Hit Em Up dissing Biggie, Puff Daddy & the crips
01:26:03 - Diddy goes to a hospital after he finds out about the relationship between Suge Knight & his baby mama Misa Hylton & Faith Evans cheated on Biggie
01:31:57 - Diddy offered Keefe D 1 million dollars to kill 2Pac & Suge Knight
01:38:46 - Orlando Anderson tries to steal Trevon Lane's Death Row chain & gets into a fight at a Foot Locker store at the Lakewood Mall
01:43:54 - Keefe D & the South Side Crips approach 2Pac & Suge Knight at the House Of Blues & shoots at Suge Knight's Red Rolls Royce at a gas station near Club Paradise while 2Pac beefs with Nas
01:47:45 - Suge Knight & Buntry sleep with Keefe D's wife & sister to provoke Keefe D
01:48:18 - 2Pac's Final week: Keefe D & 2Pac plan to go to the Mike Tyson Bruce Seldon fight in Las Vegas. 2Pac & Snoop Dogg beef in New York, 2Pac says "I'm a dead man now", doesn't want to go to Vegas & wants to leave Death Row
01:55:53 - 2Pac records tribute song for Mike Tyson "Let's Get It On" & the video for Toss It Up
01:58:17 - 2Pac & Suge drive to Las Vegas, spent time at the Luxor & MGM Grand Hotel & watch the Mike Tyson Bruce Seldon fight
02:12:11 - 2Pac & Suge get into a fight with Orlando Anderson at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas & walk back to the Luxor Hotel & drive to Suge's Mansion
02:27:43 - Keefe D & Von Zip find out about Orlando Anderson's fight with 2Pac & drive to the 662 Club to kill him
02:42:35 - 2Pac & Suge Knight drive to the 662 Club in the BMW, Keefe D & the crips leave the 662 Club & find 2Pac on the East Flamingo Road
02:52:12 - Shooting at the East Flamingo Road & Koval Lane Intersection, who shot 2Pac, Orlando Anderson or Deandre Smith? Witness Testimony: Orlando had an injured shoulder, shooter had a big black & bulky arm.
03:14:14 - Keefe D & Orlando try to escape in the white Cadillac but get chased by Buntry & Neckbone in the Black Toyota Supra, Suge stops at East Harmon Avenue, 2Pac is dying
03:21:16 - Biked Cop Chris Carrol hears 2Pac's last words & 2Pac gets driven to a hospital
03:41:59 - Gang War in Compton breaks out: Mob Piru Vs. South Side Crips
03:53:57 - 2Pac dies & Keefe D doesn't get paid by Puffy
04:13:57 - Orlando Anderson gets killed, deaths of Deandre Smith, Terrence Brown, Von Zip & Frank Alexander, Suge Knight goes to prison
04:18:12 - Keefe D violates the proffer agreement by snitching on himself & gets arrested
04:24:39 - Outro

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