Big Pun "Hit JAY-Z With A Bottle & Fought 80 Men" In Carbon [JAY-Z & Big Pun Beef]

Big Pun Hit JAY-Z With A Bottle, Big Pun Chasing JAY-Z Around The Couch & JAY-Z Vs. Big Pun Beef

This video touches on one of the many stories that are part of the beef between JAY-Z & Big Pun / Fat Joe (Roc-A-Fella Vs. T*rror Squad). It's the first of many chapters that will be released as separate videos & will be included in the upcoming Beef Analysis which will be around one and a half to two hours long. So, you can look forward to lots of more content surrounding the relationship between Big Pun & JAY-Z.

This incident was mentioned in the original version of Nas' JAY-Z Diss Track "Ether":

"Call yourself gangsta' but you were begging for pardon
That night in Carbon, when T*rror Squad flipped on your squadron
Tried to front on their checks
Till Pun put a g*n to your chest"

During the late 90s, Big Pun and Jay-Z had aggressive competition going on, that resulted in a bottle getting cracked over one of their heads. Years later after Pun passed away and was never harmed in the situation, Fat Joe was at the middle of a beef between Nas and JAY-Z.

Cuban Link spent a good portion of his career as a member of Terror Squad with Fat Joe and Big Pun. No longer affiliated with TS, the Cuban performer recently recalled a heated situation between Jay-Z and Pun, explaining that tensions arose after Hov failed to perform at an event commissioned by their associates.

“Actually, the Roc-A-Fella sh*t, it was a little brawl. It was some business negotiations that went sour,” he told ThisIs50 Radio. “Jay-Z was supposed to perform for 15 G’s or something like that, and it was like some street ni**as that we knew that hired him. He didn’t go and perform. He just showed up.”

The two camps met at a label to settle the discrepancy, but Hov brought along some children to make sure that no shots rang out. “All I remember was Jay-Z doing the Matrix in the room by the couch, and Pun chasing him,” he said. “Joe talking sh*t. The pressure was definitely put on. I love Jay.”

An altercation between Jay Z and Big Pun during which the T*rror Squad MC allegedly hit Hov with a bottle is now the stuff of hip-hop folklore. Talk about the storied brawl resurfaced with a recent interview with N.O.R.E. on Taxstone’s Tax Season podcast. When asked whether or not Pun actually hit Jay Z with the bottle, N.O.R.E. responded with “absolutely.”

“Don’t get it twisted,” he said. “Roc-A-Fella was hitting n***as in the head with bottles too. Them n***as was wilding! I was on that tour…and it was in Connecticut watching Flex [Fat Joe’s former manager] and Ty Ty [Tyran Smith] was arguing.”

But Big Pun’s widow, Liza Rios, begs to differ. In an interview with DoggieDiamonds, Rios denied that Pun ever hit Jay Z with a bottle. Detailing that an altercation did go down between Roc-A-Fella and T*rror Squad at a club, Rios clarified that Big Pun and Jay Z later made amends, “squashed any problems and it was all good.” As for the bottle, Rios is asking that the rumor be laid to rest.

“So this story about Pun hitting him with a bottle, I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know why they keep bringing it up or keeping it alive, because the truth was [that] it wasn’t the truth,” Rios said. “If it was true, I’d gladly say, ‘Yeah, he hit him with a bottle’ but that’s not the case. At the end of the day, Pun, as well as myself, we was Jay Z fans… He’s always been a Jay Z fan and that’s it. I would appreciate if whoever keeps telling this story would just lay it down to rest because it’s not true. It never happened, it never happened, it never happened, it never happened.”

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